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The Ultimate Scottsdale Bachelorette ('Bach') Party Weekend Itinerary

If you want to experience the ultimate Scottsdale bachelorette itinerary filled with luxe pool party vibes, wine tasting, a pink party boat, and unforgettable nights out, this blog is for you, my friend.

After years of FOMO helping plan thousands of bachelorette parties as the CEO and Founder of Scottsdale Bachelorette, it was FINALLY my turn to have all the fun as the groom-to-be. And since I have a reputation to live up to, I knew I had to go all-out. Here's what I did for my Scottsdale bach party weekend.

I started Scottsdale Bachelorette in 2019 with the goal of taking the stress out of planning the perfect destination bachelorette party weekend so that we could help people plan less and party more. So, when the time FINALLY came for me to have my own bach party, I knew Scottsdale would be the perfect place.

7 out of 10 people in my group weren't local, so I felt that hosting it in Scottsdale would be a great way show to experience the destination from the perspective of a visitor rather than a local.

Let's jump into all the details, shall we?

Scottsdale Bachelorette Accommodations

We stayed at the ultra-luxe Havana by GoodNight Stay. The house was close to Scottsdale and had plenty of space for our group of 10. We loved the modern vibes and luxe pool area. The design of the house was seriously stunning, and it was the perfect house for our group. GoodNight Stay offered us early check-in which was a huge help with getting the house decorated and fridge stocked prior to our arrival.

Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary, Theme, & Outfits

Our group arrived on Thursday, and checked out on Sunday, which is pretty typical for a bachelorette party weekend. Our group was mostly in our 30's, so we knew we wanted a balance of at-home experiences to take advantage of the house as well as some fun off-site excursions and activities. I picked activities and places that I knew would be great for our group's vibe.

Since my wedding is in Italy, I wanted to do a theme that would get us exited for the destination wedding. I chose "Love & Limoncello" which was an Italian theme with lots of yellows and blues. I also LOVE Limoncello Spritz's so I though that would be a fun drink to center the weekend around.

For outfits, I chose themes that coordinated with the events we were doing and also tied in with the overall Italy theme:

  • Welcome Party: Amalfi Coast - Blue/Yellow/White

  • Boat Day: Aperol Spritz - Pink/Orange

  • Big Night Out: Love Limoncello - Yellow/Gold/Black

  • Pool Party: Very Versace - Black/Gold

  • Farewell Dinner: Olive Us - Olive/Tan/Brown

Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary - Day 1 - Sommelier-Led Wine Tasting, Hibachi Chef, and Games

The team at Scottsdale Bachelorette did an incredible job decorating and filling our fridge before we arrived. The decor exceeded my expectations; they really went above and beyond to make everything so beautiful and special! They also did a Limoncello Spritz welcome bar, which was amazing to have drinks ready for us as soon as we walked in the door. We also had XOXO Charcuterie prepare a delicious sandwich board for our arrival, which was perfect to have food ready for those who were flying in.

We relaxed by the pool for the afternoon, then got ready for an at-home wine tasting experience led by Sam The Sommelier. Since Italy has different wine varietals than the US, I thought it would be fun and educational for us to learn about the wines we would be enjoying while in Itatly. Sam was so much fun, she was great at answering all of our questions and making the tasting fun and interactive. She also shared her "Couch Crusher Wines" which are wines you can enjoy with things like Taco Bell or a bag of chips.

At 7:00 PM, we had a Hibachi Chef dinner by RockStar Hibachi. Not only did they cook an amazing meal for us, they gave us so many sake shots and played some really fun games. They even did a fire show at the end! It was only $65 per person plus tip, so I highly recommend adding it to your itinerary. Just don't do it too late, or it can be noisy for the neighbors as we were cheering a lot. The stunning Table & Chair setup was provided by Scottsdale Bachelorette.

After dinner, we played games at the house and stayed up for hours talking and laughing. My best friend, Tara, worked with my fiancé to surprise me with a "What Did The Groom Say" game which was so sweet and fun. She sent him questions which he recorded his answers to, then we went around the room and guessed his answer to the questions before we played his response on the tv. I got almost every single one correct, and the last one made me bawl my eyes out.

Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary - Day 2 - Yoga, Party Boat, Dinner, Night Out

We began our morning with a Yoga class, led by my sister, Amber, who is the program director for Scottsdale Bachelorette Yoga. It wasn't originally part of the itinerary, but there were mats at the house and everyone decided it would be a great way to start our day. Luckily, the patio was shaded and there were fans, so the heat was not an issue. Amber did an incredible job as our instructor as most of us were beginners, and at the end we felt energized and bonded as a group. It was truly a special gift for her to be able to provide that experience for us.

After Yoga, we cleaned up and got ready for our Pink Party Boat experience. This was something I had been looking forward to for months. The boat company also offers round-trip transportation from Scottsdale to the boat dock at Lake Pleasant, so we didn't have to worry about getting there or back. We put on our pink and orange ('Aperol Spritz') lake day outfits and packed up the party bus with a cooler and drinks. I invited more local family and friends onto the boat with us, since it holds up to 20. Having more people on the boat made that much more fun.

The ride took to the lake took about 1 hour to the lake, and we actually needed to stop on the way to get more drinks because we drank so much on the bus! My advice would be to pack a cooler full of booze and water, then bring more cases with you so you can refill the cooler as you drink.

We also brought electrolyte hydration packets, and we drank those alongside our alcoholic beverages to ensure we stayed properly hydrated since we were in the sun all day. We also brought a deli sandwich catering tray from Albertsons so we had lunch for the day.

The party boat day was SO MUCH FUN. We went down the slide, jumped off the diving board, chilled on the lily pad, and even danced on the stripper pole hahaha.

At around 4:00 PM, the boat docked and the party bus took us home to get ready for our big night out. The attire theme that night was Love & Limoncello - black, yellow, and gold. We got a Mercedes Sprinter Van from Phoenix Luxury Rides for transportation to dinner at Thea and also for our night out to Casa Amigos.

Thea is a rooftop bar located in the Global Ambassador hotel and it was SUCH A VIBE - You feel like a celebrity there because they have a velvet rope in front and they don't even let you in right away unless you have a reservation. Everything from the ambiance, to the food, drinks, and service was 11/10. In fact, Conde Naste recently included Thea on their list of best new hotel restaurants in the world.

After dinner, our driver took us to Old Town Scottsdale. We originally didn't plan to go out to one specific place, but ended up getting a bottle at Casa Amigos. In reality, many of the nightlife spots in Old Town are very similar, so you can't really go wrong anywhere you go. What will make the experience fun is more so your group. We didn't interact with many people other than our group, and we had the best time.

From the bar, we Ubered home and sat around in the living room and laughed and talked for a couple of hours before calling it a night. I will say we all drank lots of electrolyte drinks all weekend and took these

Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary - Day 3 - Private Chef Brunch, At-Home Pool Party, Farewell Dinner

We were feeling a little rough Saturday morning, but honestly not bad given how much we drank on Friday. I think that the electrolyte hydration packets (we each had 2-3 per day, including one before bed) and taking hangover prevention pills stopped us from getting any bad hangovers.

A light hangover was nothing a private chef brunch by Artisan Personal Chefs couldn't fix. Chef Sasha and her assistant prepared made-to-order omelettes, french toast, potatoes, and mixed fruit to bring us back to life. Our favorite was the home-made pomegranate syrup watermelon mimosa mix - YUM! The service and food were both incredible, and they even cleaned up everything when they were done and left everything as if they never were even there.

When brunch was over, we got ready for the most epic at-home pool party. We booked a Mobile Bartender (Dashing Sprits) and a Mobile DJ (Desirable Entertainment). Our pool party theme was "Very Versace," and we loved how both vendors matched the theme ON POINT.

Our mobile bartender provided us with a list of drink menu options in advance, and we chose. We chose to go with the Italian Marg and Traditional Aperol Spritz. Even though those were our signature drinks for the party, our bartender, Chance, was happy to make us ANYTHING we wanted so long as we had the ingredients for it. It added the perfect element of luxury to have a professional whipping you up the tastiest craft cocktails (and a couple rounds of shots).

DJ Gabby with Desirable Entertainment brought the party vibes. We provided her with a playlist of artists and songs we liked in advance, then she took that and ran with it. Not only did she play those songs and artists, but she also found so many similar songs that matched the genre and style we had put in the playlist. Everything was mixed together great, and she even gave us some DJ lessons!

For our farewell dinner, we dined at Cala Scottsdale. The dress theme that night was 'Olive Us' and focused on olive and nude colors. Cala was a great open-aired Mediterranean restaurant located in the Senna House Hotel, right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. We went with their prix-fixe menu which honestly made ordering and splitting the bill so much easier. Food, drinks, and ambiance were all spectacular, and they even brought out fun sparklers for us.

Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary - Day 4 - Check-Out, Drag Brunch, Flights Home

On Sunday morning, we packed up our bags and checked out of the Airbnb. We had SO much leftover food and drinks. I think the alcohol made us less hungry, as we all felt like we ate less than usual. Bottom line is we over-ordered, so my advice would be to under-order to avoid waste (and the stress of figuring out what to do with all the leftovers), then just order anything extra you need via UberEats or Instacart.

After checking out, we went to Drag Brunch at YUMBAR in Phoenix before everyone had to catch their flights home.

Scottsdale Bachelorette Itinerary - Recap

All-in-all, it was SUCH a fun weekend. I felt like we had the perfect balance of planned activities mixed with just free time to hang out and enjoy each other's company. There are easily 20-30 other things we could have done or places we could have gone, but for our group and what I wanted, this itinerary was perfect. We enjoyed ourselves so much, we thought, 'why not do this again in the future just for fun, even if there's nothing special to celebrate?'

Here's the full list of everything we booked:

If you have any questions about the itinerary or about Scottsdale in general, let me know in the comments.

If you want our team to help you plan the perfect bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale, contact us. We'd love to help plan the bachelorette party of your dreams.

Casey Hohman

CEO & Founder

Scottsdale Bachelorette

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