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At Home Fitness Classes

Don’t let a hangover ruin your day - Sweat it out!

  • From $35 per person

Service Description

Need to take a break from your bachelorette fun and get a workout in before another day around the town?! That’s what we are here for! Start your day off right and sign up for any of the following fitness classes. The best part is our instructors will come to you and we will bring ALL equipment necessary for the class. All classes are 60 minutes long. Water-based classes are encouraged in the hot summer months. Class Options: - Cardio/Core - Focus on upper body strengthening while incorporating core work. using dumbbells, bands, and body weight. -HIIT- This class will get your heart rate up and is designed around multiple intervals of both strength and cardio. - Total Body Strength- Focus on upper and lower body strengthening while incorporating core work using dumbbells, bands and body weight. - Water Aerobics- A perfect way to enjoy the water and get a workout in at the same time! Focused on upper and lower body strength with a slight bit of cardio. Highly suggested for our summer months, as it gets hot outside. - Mat Pilates- Focus on strength and stability by using slow, controlled, body weight movements with activating and engaging your core with each exercise. *Option for Aqua Pilates - Barre- A low-impact, toning and stretching workout which uses small, isolated movements to target and build definition in the major muscle group. With a high repetition of body weight movement, Barre is a fast paced, upbeat class that will keep you moving the entire hour. *Option for Aqua Barre - Zumba- A powerful cardio workout to burn off those yummy drinks by using explosive but easy to follow fitness moves for beginners and the advanced. Dance your workout away with a combination of fun dance styles. *Option for Aqua Zumba - Belly Dancing- a fun and sexy workout, but also providing a safe space for women to feel comfortable in their skin. Explore your sensual side and learn how to move your body! - Aqua Bootcamp- Using dumbbells, bands and the pool, Aqua bootcamp will take you through an upper and lower body workout in and out of the water. This class will keep you moving through circuits from land to water and working on that tan all at the same time. Pricing for 60-minute class 1-4 participants - $40 per person 5-19 participants - $35 per person Groups 20+ Ask about our BGD (Big Group Discount!)

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