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At Home Yoga and Fitness Classes

Sweating for the wedding? That's a flex! Yoga, HIIT, strength and more

  • From $35 per person

Service Description

Need to take a break from your bachelorette fun and get a workout in before another day around the town?! That’s what we are here for! Start your day off right and sign up for any of the following fitness classes. The best part is our instructors will come to you and we will bring ALL equipment necessary for the class. Class options- Strength and core, Cardio and HIIT, Yoga or Water Aerobics *All classes are 60 minutes long 1. Fitness - HIIT, Strength and Core, or Water Aerobics. - Strength and Core - This class will be using dumbbells, bands, and body weight. We will focus on upper body strengthening while incorporating core work. - Cardio and HIIT- Be prepared to get that heart rate up! This class is designed around multiple intervals of both strength and cardio. You will be sure to sweat and feel the burn! - Water Aerobics - Yes, you will be working out in the water! A perfect way to enjoy the water and get a workout in at the same time! Focused on upper and lower body strength with a slight bit of cardio! Highly suggested for our summer months, as it gets hot outside! 2. Yoga- Gentle Yoga, Yoga Sculpt and Sculpt Dance. During our yoga class, we will focus on deep breathing, stretching, meditation, yoga postures, and guided relaxation. A perfect way to get your body and mind prepared for the rest of your bachelorette weekend! - Gentle yoga- Suitable for beginners, gentle yoga is a slower pace flow with less challenging poses - Yoga Sculpt- A step up from gentle yoga. Sculpt incorporates weights and strength training while going through your traditional yoga poses. You will feel stronger, uplifted, and refreshed after this session! - Sculpt Dance- Just like yoga sculpt, but now add fun dance moves to put some upbeat spice to those poses! 3. Dual session- Fitness and Yoga combined. Pick the fitness class of choice and yoga class of choice. Duals are 90-minute sessions. Pricing for 60-minute class 1-4 participants - $45 per person 5-9 participants - $40 per person 10+ participants - $35 per person Groups 20+- Ask about our BGD (Big Group Discount!) *Please note that during the months of June- September, the temperatures are HOT! Even early in the morning! If you plan to complete your workout outside, be sure to hydrate! We can incorporate water (sprinklers, pools, etc.) into our workouts if requested!

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