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ALMA Scottsdale


ALMA Scottsdale: Where the Party Never Ends! Get ready to embark on a flavor-packed journey at ALMA Scottsdale – where dining is not just a meal, but a fiesta of fun, food, and fantastic memories!

Taco 'bout Freshness: Our ingredients are so fresh, they've got their own fan club! From locally sourced meats to handmade tortillas, each bite is a taste explosion.

Party Central Atmosphere: Step into a world of neon lights, laughter, and good vibes! ALMA Scottsdale is not just a restaurant; it's a party waiting to happen. Whether it's a birthday bash or an impromptu Tuesday, we've got the vibe for you!

Bachelorette & Bachelor Bonanza: Planning to tie the knot? Let us handle the party planning! Our exclusive packages are as wild as your squad. Spice it up with all-inclusive deals or add some flair with our customizable options.

Special Shindig Offer: Book through Scottsdale Bachelorette, and we'll throw in a $1 round of shots! Plus, snag a 15% discount on any package or add-on – because at ALMA, the party comes with perks.

Ignite Your Celebrations: ALMA Scottsdale is not just a restaurant; it's a state of mind. Unleash your inner party animal, savor the flavors, and dance like nobody's watching. Your next unforgettable night starts here!


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