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let's make staying home just as fun as going out

If you're renting an Airbnb for the weekend, you may have the perfect place for a backyard pool day, intimate dinner night, or morning Yoga sesh. With our At Home Experience partners, we've got all of your bases covered.

Why you should do it:

  • Private entertainment in the comfort of your Airbnb

  • Usually more cost-effective than going out

  • Access to free drinks at home

  • No need for transportation

Hibachi 9

Hibachi Chef

Private Interactive Hibachi Chef

From $60 Per Person


Cabana Boys Party

Booking Cabana boys are one of the elegant extras in life 🥂 They offer bartending, games, and more!

2 Boys included

From $275/hr (2 hr min)


At Home Yoga Class

Add some zen to your weekend with a private yoga class. Sculpt, stretch, sweat, or just calmly breathe and chill out - we've got you!

From $35 per person


Cabana Boys Brunch

Nurse your hangover and start the party all over again with a morning brunch delivered and games to start the day

1 Boy Included

From $250

328116813_6381065168648760_4169737502970300397_n - emmily bowman.jpg

Hair Braiding

The cutest braids and shimmers in the comfort of your Airbnb. Get ready for alllll the compliments for days ♡

From $29 per person

  • Elevate your #bridesbach with an ultimate multi-course dinner party

    From $90 Per Person
  • Activate #recoverymode with a massage in the comfort of your Airbnb

    From 150 US dollars
  • You bring the #bridetribe and our female DJ will bring the #vibes

    Starting at $300
  • Spell it LOUD

    Starting at $340
  • Facials, eyelash extensions and airbrush tans at your Airbnb

    From $80 per person
  • Specialty spa treatment parties & beauty services

    From $65 per person
  • A fun, interactive, litty experience for the #gals who love cocktails

    From $60 per person
  • Hungover? We got the cure for that! Best part? They come to you.

    From $150 per person
  • Sweating for the wedding? That's a flex! Yoga, HIIT, strength and more

    From $35 per person
  • This is your sign to book a modern and beautiful bounce house

  • Picture-perfect bachelorette photos

    From 250 US dollars
  • See what the future holds for your bach crew 🔮

    From $45 per person
  • Jewelry that lasts as long as your friendship

    Starting at $60 pp
  • Customize your own unique hats

    From $75 pp
  • Put the Bride in a seat and turn up the heat

    300 US dollars
  • Beautiful custom event sigage

    From $150
  • At your place, or ours

    From $225
  • Your ultimate personal drag experience

    549 US dollars
  • A Fun, No-Snob Tasting at Your Airbnb

    From $75 per person
  • Learn how to make (and eat) your own charcuterie board!

    From $85 per person
  • Ready, set, POSE 📸 Roundup the gals and book the ultimate photoshoot

    497 US dollars
  • Private Interactive Hibachi Chef

    720 US dollars


  • [shar-koo-der-ee] also known as beautifully satisfying bits of heaven

    From $125
  • Vibe-centric, Instagram-worthy, delicious cocktails

    Starting at $400
  • Setting the bar above the rest. Book a professional mobile bartender.

    450 US dollars
  • Cute themed cocktails, and stunning bar setup

    From $750
  • Setting the bar above the rest. Book a professional mobile bartender.

    450 US dollars
  • Delicious and ADORABLE custom cookies

    From $108
  • Adorable and tasty ways to elevate your party

    From $55
  • Setting the bar above the rest. Book a professional mobile bartender.

    From 350 US dollars
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